Mizzou Head Coach: Football Players Prohibited From Handgun Ownership

Barry Odom

Missouri Tigers head coach Barry Odom announced a strict team policy for his football players: No handgun ownership, even if the gun was “legally” purchased.

Odom’s policy came to light via the Montgomery Adviser’s Matthew Stevens, who tweeted: “Missouri head coach Barry Odom says his players are prohibited to legally own a handgun while they are a member of the Tigers football team.”

Odom’s prohibition on gun ownership differentiates between handguns and guns used for hunting.” Therefore, while Odom’s ban on handguns bars players from owning a 9mm pistol or a .38 Special revolver for self-defense, it does not address owning much more powerful firearms such as a bolt action .30.06 or a 300 Winchester Short Mag, both of which are used to hunt big game. And the AR-15—perhaps the gun most loathed by leftists—is extremely popular for hunting as well.

Fox Sports reports: “While many schools prohibit handguns on campus, Mizzou football seems to be the only program that specifically prohibits owning a handgun as a separate policy for student athletes.”

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