Poll: Vast Majority of Ohioans Think Buckeyes Beat the Browns

J.T. Barrett
The Associated Press

Most Ohioans think their best college football team could beat their worst professional football team.

When asked to pick between the Buckeyes and the Browns, 62 percent of Ohioans chose the Buckeyes to win the hypothetical matchup. Just 23 percent selected the team in Cleveland to trump the one in Columbus. Public Policy Polling conducted the survey.

Of course, very few of the players on the Buckeyes could make the Browns. But that mattered little to those surveyed. The former consistently win and the latter consistently lose.

The Cleveland Browns compete as just one of four NFL franchises without a Super Bowl appearance. They last won a playoff game during the first term of the Clinton administration when Bill Belichick coached the team. The Ohio State Buckeyes, on the other hand, boast eight national championships (14 if a really hardcore fan does the counting). Four of these titles came during the Super Bowl era.

Ohio State enters the weekend at 4-0. They face Indiana. The Browns come in at 0-4. Their luck keeps going in the wrong direction. They host the New England Patriots and an angry Tom Brady returning from a suspension.