Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Understand Why Fight for ‘Justice’ Would Cause NFL Ratings Drop

Colin Kaepernick
The Associated Press

Colin Kaepernick confesses that he doesn’t know a lot about how television ratings work. Given that Kaepernick thinks nothing amiss about wearing a Fidel Castro shirt to a press conference, while lamenting oppression and injustice, one could reasonably surmise that Kaepernick doesn’t understand many things.

Perhaps the biggest mystery that eludes the 49ers QB pertains to why people have not yet accepted his benevolent greatness. According to the Sacramento Bee, Kaepernick fails to understand why his protests would hurt NFL viewership: “I don’t know much about ratings and how they are affected and all of those things. But I don’t understand why ratings would go down, fighting for justice for people, to try to stop oppression, especially in a league that is predominantly black.”

A couple thoughts on that. While African Americans comprise a huge portion of the NFL, the league’s viewing audience exhibits more diversity. The viewers probably resent Kaepernick for making them feel like oppressive racists.

Another reason why fans may call foul on Kaepernick and his flunkies centers around the fact that most disagree with him on just about everything. NFL fans track conservative. To disrespect the flag and all those who fought for it doesn’t normally play well in that demo.

Then we have a whole other group of people. We’ll call them, normal. People who may not have strong political leanings of any type. They just want to escape their everyday life for a few hours every Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, and not confront the decay of Western society.

The nerve of those people to walk from their televisions rather than watch them.

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