Fan Wears Obama Mask, Noose Around Neck and Prison Suit to Wisconsin Football Game

obama mask

A fan attending the University of Wisconsin football game against Nebraska on Saturday night wore a mask of President Obama. The fan also wore a prison inmate suit and a noose.

University officials asked the fan to remove the costume after people on social media brought it to their attention. The fan complied with the request and removed the costume.

The University of Wisconsin issued this statement:

No pictures of the fan entering the stadium have come forward at the time of this writing, so whether or not the fan wore the costume into the stadium remains unclear. However, given UW’s policy forbidding masks entering the stadium, it would require a security lapse of epic proportions to imagine a scenario where someone could enter the stadium wearing not just a mask, but a mask of Obama with a noose around his neck without raising any alarms or eyebrows.

Barring that, the fan put on the mask after entering the stadium, in accordance with university policy.

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