Sports Writer Claims Trump Victory a ‘Repudiation of the Media’

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 09: Republican president-elect Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech during his election night event at the New York Hilton Midtown in the early morning hours of November 9, 2016 in New York City. Donald Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to become the 45th …
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Election takes from the sports world remained relatively tame on Tuesday night. Nothing shocking about that, of course, considering most of them spent the evening crashing Canadian tourism websites.

However, a tweet noteworthy not just for its content but also its insight did emerge from the toy department of life. Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News, when not writing about sports, regularly appears on ESPN’s Around the Horn as the lone voice of reason in a sea of liberal madness, and on Tuesday night took to Twitter to sum up nicely a major theme of this election:

Amen. No serious person can doubt what Cowlishaw says here. The liberal media built Trump up during the primaries when they wanted him to be the nominee, because they viewed him as easy to defeat by Hillary Clinton. Then, once he became the nominee, they denounced him as racist, evil, sexist, and basically the worst person on Earth.

The upshot of that is that if you supported Donald Trump then you too became racist, sexist, and evil. So, those whom we trusted to bring us the news instead turned into bullies who wanted to play God by choosing candidates. The media attempted to set up a high-hanging curve for Hillary Clinton, quite possibly the most unpopular politician since the Caligula Administration.

Instead, millions decided they didn’t want to live in a world where we shirk off the ball and chain of big government only to replace it with the ball and chain of big media. Rich and powerful though our network overlords might be, the people sent out the reminder that the media exists to report on our elections, not to determine them.

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