Column: Tom Brady Should Challenge Elizabeth Warren for Senate Seat In 2018

Tom Brady, Dwight Freeney play 'For Honor' in 'Conan's' Clueless Gamer

After supporting friend Donald Trump in his quest to “Make America Great Again,” could the time soon come for President Trump to support his friend Tom Brady in a quest to “Make Massachusetts Great Again?”

If Brady plays things out as laid out by political columnist Peter Lucas of the Lowell Sun, that time could be fast approaching. On the heels of recent polling which suggests that current Bay State Senator Elizabeth Warren’s popularity has taken a hit, Lucas makes the case for sending Mr. Brady to Washington.

Lucas writes, “After all, if the famous quarterback of the New England Patriots is going to get grief for being President Donald Trump’s friend, or for a visit to the White House, then he should at least make the most of it.

“Brady should challenge hard left Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is running for re-election in 2018, defeat her, and get to Washington. After 17 years of playing for the Patriots and accumulating five Super Bowl rings, he may be looking for a change. It is assumed Brady votes Republican.”

That’s a pretty big assumption. In fact, we know very little about what Tom Brady believes or how he votes politically. On the other hand, far more is known about the politics of fellow New England sports legend and current Breitbart host Curt Schilling, who has talked about making a run for Warren’s seat for quite a while.

Don’t get me wrong, Brady over Warren is the no-brainiest of all no-brainers, and forcing the radical Warren from the Senate would be cause for much rejoicing. Still, it probably behooves most on the right to know a bit more about what Brady the politician would look like, before we arrive at that point.

The other thing that complicates this is Brady the football player. Brady has stated that he wants to play football until his mid-40’s. Currently, Brady is 39 years old. Needless to say, that commitment would take Brady out of the running for a 2018 Senate run, unless Brady actually tries to contend for the Senate seat while still actively playing football.

Which, might just make the 2018 Massachusetts Senate race the greatest thing ever.

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