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3:19pm Dylan Gwinn: Texans looking at Tony Romo like

3:09pm Dylan Gwinn: Great, big target for a young QB.

3:04pm Dylan Gwinn: Monster move

2:58pm Dylan Gwinn: Could it be Romo time? The move clears 10 million in cap space.

2:15pm Dylan Gwinn: I’m guessing not to the Redskins.

1:09pm Dylan Gwinn: Solid pickup for the Broncos. He gave up zero sacks last year.

12:15pm Dylan Gwinn: Huge pickup for a defense in need of solidifying the secondary.

11:47am Dylan Gwinn: #1 corner on the #1 defense in the league last year.

9:26am Dylan Gwinn: Mother of God.

9:13am Dylan Gwinn: What is wrong with the Bears?

8:04am Dylan Gwinn: Live shot at Foxborough as the prospect of landing Stephon Gilmore sets in.

7:59am Dylan Gwinn: So. Much. Winning.

7:55am Dylan Gwinn: Current Redskins mood at the prospect of losing DeSean Jackson AND Pierre Garcon.


7:52am Dylan Gwinn: DeSean Jackson, to go along with Mike Evans and Jameis Winston? Watch out, Atlanta.

5:13am  Dylan Gwinn: When healthy, one of the more dynamic players in the game.

5:12am Dylan Gwinn: Nice young target for Tannehill. Adam Gase has something brewing in Miami. In a year where New England is replacing seven defensive starters, AFC East could get very interesting indeed.

5:08am Dylan Gwinn: Panthers starting to realize they need to do a better job of protecting Cam Newton. Matt Kalil isn’t very good. Then again, this isn’t a good draft class for offensive linemen either. Had to do something, this is something.

March 8, 2017

4:51pm Dylan Gwinn: Live shot of the #49ers front office


4:40pm Dylan Gwinn: Wow. Someone needs to tell John Lynch people don’t pay full backs like this anymore.

4:20pm Dylan Gwinn: This gives the Patriots that super-athletic tight end they need if Martellus Bennett leaves. Having another big time, athletic TE is vital given Gronkowski’s injury history.

3:57pm Dylan Gwinn: Current Cowboys fan mood #Romo


3:21pm Dylan Gwinn: Second big FA WR add if the day for San Francisco. That’s a lot of speed for Brian Hoyer, Kirk Cousins, or whoever ends up playing QB for the 49ers.

2:49pm Dylan Gwinn: It’s never good when your general manager isn’t allowed to do general manager things.

2:46pm Dylan Gwinn: Good deal for Buffalo. Not a bad QB when healthy. Can still draft and develop a QB if they want. While clearing money for other needs.

2:45pm Dylan Gwinn: No surprise here. But still stunning to actually see. Josh McCown visited with the Cowboys earlier today. 

1:02pm Dylan Gwinn: Expect this for offensive linemen. This is a very weak OL draft. Teams will pay and overpay for guys in the trenches.

12:00pm Dylan Gwinn: It should be large. He’s amassed 23.5 sacks in the last 2 seasons.