Shock and Gore: Mexican Matador Gets Bull’s Horn 11 Inches Up His Rear End

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Bull fighting fans in Mexico were shocked this week after a matador suffered the most grievous injury imaginable, when a bull gored him in the rear end.

Bull fighter Antonio Romero suffered the horrific injury when he fell to the ground face first leaving himself vulnerable to the horns of the raging bull roaring above him, the UK Sun reported.

Romero ended up with a full eleven inches of the bull’s horn piercing his rectum, reportedly causing “severe” injuries.

The video of the terrible attack shows the matador initially performing his dance with the bull just as he is supposed to, but as he turns with his red cape called a muleta, the bull turns faster and from behind knocks the matador face first to the ground. And in a split second, as the matador lays vulnerable, the bull slams its horn into the prone tormentor.

The bull pushes Romero several feet and only pulls back when the other matadors jump in to distract the beast.

The video is shocking.

The matador was rushed to the hospital with horrific injuries to his rectum.

Medical technician Felipe Sánchez told the media that, “It’s a serious and deep goring about 30 centimeters deep. At this moment we will operate it in the hospital, but it does bring major damage.”

Still, a surgeon later said Romero is “fine,” According to Univision.

“The patient is fine, he has endured the surgery perfectly, a serious situation that endangers his life at a time because of the severity of the injury, but the damage is already controlled,” Doctor Juan Carlos Sanchez said. “The next 24 hours for tomorrow to begin the reconstruction of the anus.”

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