Phil Simms: ‘I’m Not Done Yet’

Bill Cowher, Phil Simms
The Associated Press

You won’t have Phil Simms to kick around anymore, at least as the lead color analyst at CBS. But, you may have him to kick around somewhere else.

In a text message to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, Simms said, “I am not done.”

Simm’s words could read as a mere statement of the obvious, considering Simms remains under contract with CBS for two more years. Or, you could interpret it to mean that Simms intends to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of his ouster from CBS’s No. 1 team in favor of Tony Romo.

Either way, it sounds a lot more dramatic and interesting than saying, I wish Tony nothing but the best.

But where will Simms’ rising phoenix land?

It’s unlikely that he will find perch anywhere at CBS. Had CBS envisioned a role for Simms after replacing him with Romo, that move, in all likelihood would have been announced by now.

Simms could land in the recently vacated spot on the CBS pregame show, left by Tony Gonzalez, but that’s an opinion job not an analytical breakdown job like what Simms is used to. Which, given the nature of Simms’ terrible takes on sports, would expose CBS once again for hiring someone who has no idea what they’re talking about.

Case in point, the saga of Mike Carey.

And again, if CBS had plans of using Simms in that role, we would have heard about it by now. So, Simms’ exit at CBS will likely come in the form of a buyout. It’s entirely possibly his career will continue. However, it will likely have to continue elsewhere.

Fox Sports 1 has certainly shown themselves willing to hire talent from other networks. Though, again, FS1 doesn’t broadcast NFL games and Simms would probably have to fill an opinion slot, which he’s ill-suited for.

A more likely landing spot might be FS1’s non-cable sister station Fox Sports. As Myers notes in the Daily News, Fox has, “…an opening on their No. 2 team behind Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. John Lynch left his spot with Kevin Burkhardt to become the 49ers general manager. It would be much easier for Simms to be No. 2 behind Aikman than remain at CBS and be No. 2 behind the rookie Romo.”

That would be a lot easier of a pill to swallow.

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