So Much Winning: Patriots Owner Gives President Trump a Super Bowl Ring

Trump and Pats II
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Pictures of President Trump squinting into the solar eclipse caused quite the stir on Monday. Prompting some to worry that the sun might damage the president’s eyesight.

Well, as it turns out, the president has the perfect weapon for retaliating against the great ball of fire in the sky. His very own, blindingly bright Patriots Super Bowl ring.

News that Trump possessed a championship ring began came to light after a conversation involving former White House Communication director Anthony Scaramucci surfaced on Twitter. In that conversation, Scaramucci said Kraft gave Trump “the ring for last year’s game.”

Upon hearing that exchange, some thought that Kraft had given Trump his own personal ring. According to CSN New England’s Tom E. Curran, that’s not how this went down.

Curran writes, “The Patriots owner gave the president a Super Bowl ring because the team was the first to visit the White House after a championship win. According to Patriots vice president of media relations Stacey James, Trump hoped to put the ring on display.”

Of course, when you have Robert Kraft’s bank account, you don’t give away Super Bowl rings. You just go out and buy another.


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