Flashback: When the NFL Was Patriotic — Watch Whitney Houston Sing the National Anthem

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Back in 1991, when American men and women were at war in the Middle East — you know, kind of like they are now, Whitney Houston stood before America at Super Bowl XXV in Tampa, Florida, and did this…

Compare the National Football League you see above to today’s League, a league that only allows for one form of personal expression, and that is disrespecting the American flag and anthem.

And all of this is happening, as tens of thousands of men and women fight and die for that flag and anthem overseas.

The National Football League used to stand for something more than just football — it stood against the rising cultural tide of leftism to unite us around the unique greatness of America.

Well, it took a quarter century, but the political left has finally destroyed the NFL.

In a mere 26 years, the League went from Whitney Houston using her supernatural gift to unite us all around our troops and what is so very good about America, to just another gang of leftwing celebrities; Kardashians who can catch a ball; spoiled crybabies; ungrateful millionaires; divisive,  hate-filled, bitter, virtue-signaling, social justice warriors who stand only for their own narcissism.

We don’t hate you, NFL.

We are just hating you back.

You started it.


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