Actually, Looks Like Everybody’s Against You: Marshawn Lynch Shows Up to Game Wearing, ‘Everybody vs Trump’ Shirt

Twitter Adam Schefter

Marshawn Lynch, an NFL player who has never stood accused of being immune to the powers of irony, showed up to the stadium on Sunday wearing a shirt that read: “Everybody vs Trump.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted a pic of Lynch in the shirt as he made his way to the locker room:

Of course, the irony in all this, is that a more truthful shirt would read: “Most People vs Anthem Protesters.”

Ever since President Trump’s speech in Alabama last Friday night, where he called NFL anthem protesters “SOB’s,” and said he wished that their team owners would fire them. There have been several strong indicators that most Americans agree with Donald Trump, and not Marshawn Lynch.

A national survey from the Remington Group, showed that not only is the public principally opposed to the players protesting the anthem. They also agreed with Trump’s sentiments, and hold the president in higher regard, than NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

In addition, NFL ticket sales took plummeted by almost 18 percent after Trump’s comments in Alabama.  Not to mention the fact, that the number of NFL players protesting on Sunday, is down enormously from what it was last week.

Lynch sat out the 2016 season, so he did not participate in the initial wave of anthem protests begun by last year by Colin Kaepernick. Lynch began protesting the anthem during the preseason, after signing with the Oakland Raiders.



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