Congressman Adam Schiff on VP Pence Leaving Colts Game: ‘How Much Money Was Wasted on This Stunt?’

Adam Schiff
Associated Press

Liberals have a funny habit of only getting stingy about spending public funds in two very specific circumstances: military spending, and anything perceived to be politically beneficial to Republicans. The latter cause, seems to have turned California Representative Adam Schiff into a fiscal conservative.

Vice President Pence left the Colts-49ers game on Sunday, after the 49ers staged a protest during the anthem, that involved 23 different players. After leaving, Pence tweeted:

That tweet prompted Schiff to take to Twitter and issue a response:

After Pence tweeted about leaving the game, President Trump then tweeted that he asked him to leave if any players protested. More 49ers have protested than any other players for any other team in the league.


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