Packers Coach Mike McCarthy Lashes Out at Reporter for Asking if Green Bay Would Consider Signing Kaepernick


Everyone is really tired of talking about Colin Kaepernick. Except for Packers Coach Mike McCarthy, he’s really, really tired of talking about Colin Kaepernick.

During a press conference on Monday, where McCarthy announced that starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be out for an extended period of time with a broken collarbone, and that Brett Hundley become the new quarterback. McCarthy also boasted of his confidence in Hundley, and mentioned that Joe Callahan will be the backup.

Though none of this mattered to the media member who brushed all that aside, and asked whether the Packers had plans to bring in Colin Kaepernick to compete for the backup job.

This did not end well for the reporter.

Mount McCarthy erupted, “Did you just listen to the question I just answered? I’ve got three years invested in Brett Hundley, two years invested in Joe Callahan, the quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be. OK? We’re fortunate to have a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, we’re committed to the path we’re on. We need to play better as a football team. Brett Hundley will start this week and Joe Callahan will be the backup.”

Putting aside for a moment the fact that Packers fans have voiced their opinions loud and clear when it comes to anthem protests, and would not look fondly on the Pack welcoming in the founder of the movement they detest. In addition to the fact that McCarthy himself, loves the anthem. Even going so far as to show his players a video on the history of the anthem, and how to properly conduct yourself during the playing of the song. Which would make him just about the least likely person in the world to want to bring Kaepernick aboard.

There are some other factors to consider as well.

First, while McCarthy’s speech about all the years he has invested in Hundley will sound like so much garbage to a sports media who would replace Tom Brady with Kaepernick if they had the chance. It’s still worth asking the question: do we know that Brett Hundley isn’t a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick right now?

Granted, Hundley had three picks against Minnesota on Sunday. However, it can’t be easy to get thrown into a game after the guy who never gets hurt, gets hurt. Not to mention playing behind a banged-up offensive line, on the road against a division rival with a good defense. How do we know Hundley won’t be significantly better with a week to prepare as the starter?

Moreover, how do we know Kaepernick is even in shape and ready to play? The only NFL-related work that we know for a fact that Kaepernick has done, is prepare a lawsuit against the league. Why is it so far-fetched to think that Hundley would be in a better position to help the Packers right now?

There’s also the thought that given Rodgers’ freakishly competitive nature, a slim but definite chance remains that he could return at some point this season. Which means, the Packers could find themselves in the politically unenviable position of having to cut the black player protesting oppression, for the white guy.

That never really ends well.



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