Report: Hollywood Casting Director Wants Colin Kaepernick for Upcoming Project

ap kaepernick

The NFL’s most unemployable man is apparently not so unemployable, in Hollywood. According to a report from TMZ, a prominent Hollywood casting director has decided it’s time for Colin Kaepernick to get started on his acting career.

According to the report, “A well-known casting director posted on a message board for managers and agents last week, asking for someone representing the former NFL quarterback to contact her.

“The casting director is currently working on a TV pilot and — more notably — the Pepsi commercial-inspired movie “Uncle Drew” starring Kyrie IrvingLil Rel HoweryNick Kroll and sports legends like ShaqReggie MillerChris Webber and Lisa Leslie.

“It’s unclear the role for which the casting director is eyeing Kaepernick, but a cameo in “Uncle Drew” seems like a good fit. If it works out … it would be Colin’s first acting gig.”

In many ways this offer from “Tinseltown” is perfect for Kaepernick, and Hollywood. With Kaepernick’s NFL career going nowhere at the moment, why not get started on an acting career? Like Jim Brown before him, Kaepernick would hardly be the first former NFL activist to leave the league and start over on the big screen.

The move could also be perfect for Hollywood given that President Trump will likely tweet about whatever project Kaepernick gets pitched. If he lands a spot in “Uncle Drew,” a few Twitter shots from the commander-in-chief about the NFL’s original anthem protester only being able to find work doing cameo appearances in movies, would spark a ton of interest in the film.

There’s also the poetic justice component, after all, if you’re considered too anti-American to play in the NFL, Hollywood is pretty much the perfect place for you.


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