War on Christmas: NFL Fines Saints RB for Wearing Christmas-Themed Cleats

GTY Sean Gardner
Getty Images/Sean Gardner

Having already thoroughly alienated veterans, the military, the flag, the police, the legal system, and the president of the United States; the NFL is quickly running out of sacred institutions to throw under the bus.

However, it appears they’re not done. The NFL has now decided to take on Christmas.

Saints running back Alvin Kamara donned a pair of Christmas-themed cleats during the Saints game against the Falcons on Christmas Eve. Here’s a look at the Santa-themed kicks Kamara wore:

Cool, right? Appropriate and tasteful footwear for a league putting on a game in the heart of the Christmas season, right?


The NFL fined Kamara for wearing the cleats. The Saints running back tweeted his notice from the NFL on Thursday:

Apparently, tis not the season.

Kamara chose to wear the cleats knowing he would likely get fined. According to the Sporting News, Kamara told reporters after the game, “I’m going to make a GoFundMe — yeah, I’m getting fined — and whatever the fine is, I’m going to pay the fine and the rest I’m going to donate to a charity. Simple as that. We were just talking about the NFL not being a Grinch. We need them to just leave us alone.”

NFL disciplinary guidelines state that the penalty for a first offense uniform violation such as Kamara’s, is $6,076.

A number that could be easily paid by Kamara, or easily raised through GoFundMe. Though, does that money really makes up for all the bad publicity the NFL will receive for fining someone for Santa cleats?


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