Lost in Translation: 15,000 Eggs Delivered to Norwegian Olympic Team After Google Translate Error

Agence France-Presse
Agence France-Presse

Like most teams competing at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the Norwegian Olympic team will try to win more medals and break more records, than any other country.

However, for a moment, unlike the Olympic squads of other countries, the Norwegians also had the ability to construct the world’s largest omelette.

The Scandinavians found themselves in that unique position, thanks to an ordering error involving their team chefs and a South Korean grocer. The chefs told the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, that they went to Google translate to place an order 1,500 eggs, to help feed their athletes.

However, when the monstrous delivery of 15,000 eggs arrived, it became clear that something had gotten lost in translation.

“There was literally no end to the delivery. Absolutely unbelievable,” chef Ståle Johansen told Afterposten.

The event had a happy ending though, the Norwegians did not get stuck with the enormous surplus of eggs. The cooks returned 13,500 of the eggs, reducing the order down to the originally desired 1,500. Thus, sparing their athletes the crippling gastrointestinal issues that would have arisen from consuming that many eggs.

Though, the rest of the world probably wishes the Norwegians had tried to eat all of those eggs. Sports Illustrated predicted that the Norwegians would do quite well in the 2018 Winter Olympics.