Exclusive – Ron Kessler: ‘Emotional Thing’ for Trump to See NFL Players ‘Openly Disrespect the National Anthem’

Texans, Dolphins deny reports over anthem policy

Ronald Kessler, author of The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game, said President Donald Trump was emotionally affected by NFL players disrespecting the national anthem via kneeling protests during its pre-game recitals. He offered his remarks during a Monday interview with SiriusXM host Rebecca Mansour on Breitbart News Tonight.

Kessler characterized Trump’s criticisms of Colin Kaepernick—an NFL player who knelt during pre-game recitals of the national anthem as a protest against what he said is a “country that oppresses black people and people of color”—as “innate” and “emotional.”

Kessler remarked, “That was such an emotional thing for [Donald Trump] to see someone openly disrespect the national anthem, and so many Americans agree with that. That is why he got elected, because he understands that. He understands those values.

Following Kaepernick’s kneeling protests, which were subsequently joined by other NFL players, the NFL saw a reduction in its ratings along with boycotts of viewership and attendance.

Kaepernick’s blamed his subsequent inability to secure a contract with an NFL team as a function of political blacklisting. Led by attorney Mark Geragos, Kaepernick’s legal team claimed the existence of a “conspiracy” against him, informally driven by Trump: “The owners of Respondent NFL Teams have been quoted describing their communications with President Trump, who has been an organizing force in the collusion among team owners in their conduct towards Mr. Kaepernick and other NFL players. Owners have described the Trump Administration as causing paradigm shifts in their views toward NFL players.”


Trump addressed NFL players’ protests during the national anthem several times via Twitter:


Kessler analyzed Trump’s appeal to the president’s supporters, saying, “I think the public, especially working class people, appreciate results. And that’s what you see with Trump. … My home contractor said, ‘I don’t care what he says. I just care about what he does,’ and that is the kind of common sense that Trump appreciates.”

Kessler added, “The way he makes decisions is not only to consult advisers, but he’ll also call his approximately dozen friends that he has that are billionaires, generally. I list them in the book. Also, he’ll just randomly ask anybody, chambermaids, Secret Service agents. That’s his connection with the working class. He believes in their common sense.”

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