All Weather Henry .45-70 Lever Action: This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Brush Gun

The All Weather Henry .45-70 lever action is an American made rifle that is refined in every way.
AWR Hawkins/Breitbart News

The All Weather Henry .45-70 lever action is an American-made rifle that is refined in every way.

It is a perfect brush gun that is, at the same time, an absolute work of art.

To be fair, AW Henry .45-70 is good for shots up 200 or 300 yards, for those who take time to memorize the compensation for droppage, etc., but it is perfectly and readily suited as shorter range brush gun.

For example, we have hunted a lot of deer and pig in Dickens County, Texas, where it is not uncommon to have waist-high vegetation, and higher, in places. That vegetation poses no problems for the .45-70 round and the AW Henry .45-70 would be the perfect go-to rifle for that setting.

For those not familiar with a .45-70, the round was used by the Army as they fought Indians in the late 1800s and was also used in various wars and conflicts into the early 1900s. The success arising from the round’s military use led to its adaption for big game hunting, which is where the popularity of the .45-70 lies today.

To give you an idea of the kind of knock down power we are talking about, below is a size comparison of a Hornady 325 grain FTX LEVERevolution .45-70 round vs. a .223 round for an AR-15:

The AW Henry .45-70 has a tubular magazine that holds four rounds and the rifle holds one in the chamber, for a total of five. The gun is sleek–as sleek as a gun that won the West can be–and you can feel precision in the weapon the moment you lay hands on it.

The rifle’s trigger is actually exceptional. When cocked it sits at the ready, with zero play or slop. Steady pressure at that point releases the hammer and boom, the .45-70 is downrange.

We have only just begun putting our AW Henry .45-70 through its paces. We will be adding a Sightmark Core HX 4-16×44 scope and shooting the rifle in Dickens, Texas, where we know what kind of brush we will encounter. We will also use the rifle to go after wild pigs in Memphis, Texas.

Another review will follow after the rifle is used in the field. But for now we can say there is nothing about the AW Henry 45-70 that disappoints.

The MSRP on an AW Henry .45-70 is $1o50.00.

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