Clay Travis: Athlete Activists Should Promote Marriage, Education if They Want to Fix Poverty

Clay Travis

Sports commentator Clay Travis jumped to Twitter with his advice for how athlete activists should fight poverty and strife: Promote marriage, education, and waiting to start a family.

The Outkick the Coverage writer wrote that he wished sports programs in high schools would teach kids certain ideals that will surely help them avoid poverty.

“With all the talk of league & athlete activism,” Travis tweeted on Tuesday, “I wish a league, team or player would go all-in on this 3-step campaign: 1. Graduate high school 2. Don’t have a kid before 25. 3. Get married. If you do all three of these things your poverty rate in our country is essentially zero.”

“That’s regardless of your race or your income at birth,” he continued in a follow-up tweet. “0% poverty! Just do those three things! Imagine if a group of powerful athletes, teams, or leagues spread this message to kids everywhere. It’s non-partisan, non-divisive, & nearly 100% effective advice.”

Travis got a lot of feedback on these commonsense ideas, including a lot of support.

One respondent, however, took a swipe at Travis for not “sticking to sports.”

Basically, wanting athletes to not stick to sports when it’s something that you are comfortable talking about and agree with? Got it,” the fan wrote.

Travis struck back writing, “This is such a stupid argument. Wanting athletes, teams, and leagues to help spread non-partisan beneficial life habits for all people isn’t political. I also am fine with teams telling fans to wear seatbelts and not drink and drive.”

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