Arizona Lists Golf as an Essential Activity

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people, and governments, to focus on the important things in life. What can you not live without? What is truly essential?

Well, as far as the State of Arizona is concerned, golf, qualifies as an essential activity.

According to TMZ Sports, “Officials laid down the new rules in the Grand Canyon State this week … forcing Arizonans to shelter in place unless they had good reason to leave — like for jobs or ‘essential activities.'”

“In the order, they deem golf — along with walking, hiking, running and biking — as “essential” exercises … and some feel that ain’t helping stop the spread of coronavirus one bit.”

While listing golf as an “essential” activity may seem odd to most, the game is likely allowed more because it takes place in open spaces that allow for social distancing, as opposed to being “essential.” Though some, such as O.J. Simpson, who recently said he would go crazy if golf courses were shut down, might consider golf essential.

However, as TMZ Sports points out, there are other complications that arise from keeping golf courses open. Specifically, clubhouses, practice greens, and driving ranges, can become crowded and potential hotspots for contamination.

Regardless, golf enthusiasts in Arizona are free to  get out and get their swings in, for now.

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