Major League Baseball Saturates Social Media with Black Lives Matter Posts

Black Lives Matter
Getty Images/Spencer Platt

Major League Baseball’s social media accounts have gone woke, with dozens of Black Lives Matter posts from the league and players alike.

Pro baseball escaped from much of the anthem kneeling controversies in 2016 and 2017 by steering clear of wokeness for the most part. But that seems to be coming to an end if the league’s Twitter account is any indication of where baseball is headed.

MLB’s Twitter feed is filled with paeans to Black Lives Matter that have been given the MLB endorsement with official posts and re-tweets.

While the league had some that took a knee during the anthem over the years since former NFL player Colin Kaepernick began protesting during the anthem in 2016, the anthem protests largely went unobserved in baseball.

But, if the league’s Twitter account can be taken as indicative of the league’s direction, MLB may be signaling that kneeling during the anthem will be accepted and maybe even encouraged going forward.

On Thursday morning, the league re-tweeted a statement by St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty’s statements approving the act of kneeling during the anthem.

But Flaherty’s appreciation of protesting against the country during the anthem is far from the only Black Lives Matter-styled message on MLB’s official Twitter account. The account is liberally strewn with such messages.

There are many, many more like these above.

In a side note, the MLB account is also heavily pushing the idea of mask wearing:

In the end, it appears that any hope that Major League Baseball could remain relatively free of wokeness has been demolished.

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