WATCH: Refs Stop Mississippi Football Team from Bringing Chainsaw Onto the Field

AP/Mike Groll

Cutting down the competition took on a whole new meaning on Thursday night when a Mississippi community college football team tried to bring an actual chainsaw onto the football field.

As the players were about to take the field Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College defensive tackle Brian Merritt revved up a chainsaw. However, he didn’t get very far with it before the officials informed him.

“Y’all can’t bring that out here,” a referee can be heard saying. “Don’t bring out that saw.”


One longtime referee confessed this is the first time he’s ever seen something like this.

“One of us has been doing this 30 years and haven’t seen something like that,” the referee said according to the Sun Herald.

The chainsaw has been a staple of MGCCC pregame rituals for quite a while.

“We run a blitz called, ‘Saw,’” MGCCC coach Jack Wright said. “It’s a pretty risky blitz, I guess you could say. You don’t leave a lot of help on the back end. We’ve got the kids sold on that’s the greatest defense we can run.

“It’s kind of taken on a life of its own over the last two years. Our kids love (the chainsaw). It brings a lot of energy and I think it’s unique. Anything that gives the kids a little boost before the game, I’m all for it.”

Wright doesn’t seem too bothered by the officials taking exception to his chainsaw.

“Maybe we should have asked permission, but sometimes it’s better off not asking and doing it anyway,” he said.


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