WATCH: Ref Blows ‘Missed’ Field Goal Call While Adjusting Mask

Getty Images

College football referees have to keep their eyes on a lot of things. Though, it’s kind of hard to do that when they’re adjusting their masks and not watching the play.

Such was the case on Saturday when Eastern Washington faced Idaho.

The moment came early in the fourth quarter when Eastern Washington kicker Seth Harrison “missed” a field goal that would have broken a 21-21 tie.

However, he didn’t really miss it.

Harrison actually made the kick. The one who missed it was the official under the goal-post who wasn’t watching because he was too busy adjusting his mask.

As Yahoo! Sports reports:

Further review appeared to show the official was adjusting his mask as the play took place, and he didn’t even seem to look up as the kick sailed through the uprights. For an official not looking up, the kick would look like a miss because it bounced as if it hit the right goal post. In reality, the football bounced off the bottom of the Kibbie Dome’s large scoreboard placed just above the goal posts.

Except, incredibly, despite “further review” the officials still ruled the kick no good after actually watching it.

The 21-21 tie was eventually broken after Idaho scored a touchdown. That score was official because the refs were actually watching that one. Idaho went on to win the game 28-21.


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