Olympic Sprinter Would Rather ‘Miss the Olympics’ than Take Covid Vaccine

Yohan Blake
AP Photo/Martin Meissner

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) isn’t currently requiring athletes to take the Covid vaccine. However, if they try, Gold Medalist Yohan Blake will be having none of it.

The Jamaican sprinter recently told a Jamaican newspaper that he would rather miss the Olympic games entirely than be forced to take the vaccine.

“My mind still stays strong, I don’t want any vaccine, I’d rather miss the Olympics than take the vaccine, I am not taking it,” told The Gleaner.

“I don’t really want to get into it now, but I have my reasons.”

According to the CBC, “The International Olympic Committee has said getting the vaccine is ‘encouraged’ but not compulsory for athletes.”

Blake also signaled his resistance to being forced to take the vaccine on Twitter.

“Follow your mind, don’t follow the crowd,” Blake said in a video posted to Twitter over the weekend.

“At the same time, be respectful to each and every one. Don’t let no one take away your choice.”

The Olympics are scheduled to begin on July 23. However, many believe that the games will be canceled altogether.


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