Rex Chapman Outraged by ‘COVID-Bowl’ Crowd at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech
Matt Gentry/The Roanoke Times via AP

Professional offended guy (it seems to be his full-time job) Rex Chapman took to Twitter on Friday night to voice his outrage over the large crowd at the Virginia Tech-North Carolina game, calling it the “COVID-Bowl.”

The Hokies welcomed the Tarheels Friday night for their season opener, and it seemed like the whole university was in attendance as the crowd started rocking to Enter Sandman.

However, the scene of fun and frivolity did not go over well with Chapman, who quickly did his apparent job of poo-pooing all over people who are trying to enjoy their lives.

But of course, the internet is forever and is undefeated. Which, is bad news for Chapman because the Twitter receipts quickly began flowing in and showed that Chapman is only concerned about social distancing and mask-wearing at sporting events that he’s not attending.

One particularly damning image showed a maskless Chapman in the middle of a maskless crowd of fans at a Phoenix Suns game.

Apparently, what makes a maskless sporting event a “superspreader” is whether or not Chapman has tickets. The DNC’s favorite tweeter (probably) then got caught taking a very close and personal maskless photo with a very maskless Kyler Murray.

Botton line, Chapman is a fraud. Thus, he is insulated from being called out for his hypocrisy on social media by a mainstream media that adores his pro-leftist tweets and virtue signaling. I guess it’s good work if you can get it. The only job requirement seems to be a warped view of the world and an absolute lack of shame.


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