VIDEO: Lakers Rajon Rondo Denies Making ‘Gun Gesture’ at Fan During Argument

Rajon Rondo
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Lakers’ Rajon Rondo denies making a “gun gesture” when he pointed at a fan who slapped his hand away during a court-side argument Friday as the Lakers took on the Phoenix Suns.

After an out-of-bounds call in the second half, a fan appeared to have yelled out something to Rondo, who responded with words of his own. However, the player claims all he did was point at the fan to get the refs to throw the fan out, according to the New York Post.

But video of the incident does show that Rondo put his pointed finger right close to the fan’s face. And when Rondo pointed, the fan slapped the player’s hand away, causing refs to hurry their involvement.

However, images of the incident have brought some to accuse Rondo of making a gun gesture in the fan’s face.

Rondo denies that he intended any sort of gun gesture and also said that neither he nor the fan made threats during the confrontation.

“There was an exchange of words, and I just wanted to get the guy out of the game,” Rondo told the OC Register. “It doesn’t really matter what I said. He didn’t threaten me, and I didn’t threaten him. There was an exchange of words and got him out of the game.

“I was pointing at the guy,” Rondo insisted.

The Lakers eventually lost the game to the Suns 115-105.

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