WATCH: Parents Brawl in the Stands at Virginia High School Soccer Game

Getty Images

Ever been to a soccer game and had a fight break out? Sure. If you’re in Europe, it happens all the time. But some parents in Virginia channeled their inner hooligan this week at a high school soccer game and pummeled each other in the stands.

The action went down Monday night in Appalachia, Virginia, during a not-at-all-important soccer game that no one would have thought would turn into a melee for the ages. However, after the punching and kicking subsided, five people went to the hospital, and one person, 24-year-old Daniel Guerrant, went to jail.

Rumors abounded online that the fight began after racial slurs were shouted from one group of parents to another. Those claims appear not to have been substantiated during the subsequent investigation. What can clearly be seen in the video, however, is a bearded man, reportedly Guerrant, shoving people down the stands and slamming people on the ground.

Other reports state that a lopsided score could have been the culprit. But really, it’s soccer. How lopsided was it? 3-0? Is that worth throwing people down the stands? Allegedly?

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