In news that will shock no one, Caitlin Clark was fouled by an opponent, and the referees did nothing about it.

This time, the scene unfolded at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, where the lowly Mystics found themselves on the receiving end of another thumping by Caitlin Clark and the Fever. However, this time, Mystics center Stefanie Dolson decided to give Clark a light thumping of her own.

As Clark drove to the basket, the 6’5 Dolson swatted her in what was a pretty obvious foul.

Dolson clearly fouled here, and the referees inexplicably did nothing. Ironically, this occurs after Angel Reese accused Clark of having a “special whistle” after their game last weekend. This implies that the referees show a special preference for Clark.

Well, where’s that special whistle now?

It’s no secret WNBA players and executives weren’t ready for the spotlight Caitlin Clark has brought them. However, it appears the league’s referees weren’t prepared for that spotlight either.

A point X users hammered home in their reaction to the video.

The one positive is that, unlike the flagrant foul Angel Reese committed against Clark on Sunday, this foul actually was a “basketball play.” There’s nothing malicious about what Dolson did. It qualifies as a typical desperation foul when an opponent is on the verge of scoring. The main controversy is the fact it went uncalled.

The Fever got the win; that’s all that matters to them. Indiana beat Washington 88-81 for their sixth win of the season and second in a row.