2012 campaign

Rubio vs. Clinton: Suddenly Being in Touch With Ordinary American Life is Bad

It’s pretty rich to watch Democrat media drag out an Obama-donor financial analyst to critique the Rubio family budget. At least the Rubios have a budget, which is more than congressional Democrats can say. Let me know when Senator and Mrs. Rubio start using continuing resolutions and “cromnibus” techniques to buy stuff, with a vague plan to force their neighbors to pay all the bills when they find it impossible to rack up more debt.

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Obama Deceived Americans About Iran’s Nuclear Breakout Time

Eli Lake at Bloomberg View reports that President Obama’s administration has confirmed that Iran is “two to three months” away from developing a nuclear weapon, contradicting the White House’s rebuttal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assertion that Iran is months away from the breakout.


The Dawn Of Rand Paul’s High-Tech Presidential Campaign

Ahead of his campaign’s launch this week, Rand Paul released a viral video teasing his presidential campaign. People will expect the “different kind of Republican” presented in this video to have an enormous digital footprint.

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