After Dallas, L.A. Police Surrender to Black Lives Matter

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) deliberately allowed a Black Lives Matter protest to stage an illegal protest on Sunday night, disrupting traffic on the Interstate 405 and taking over intersections in the predominantly black neighborhood of Inglewood.

LAPD Charlie Beck (Nick Ut / Associated Press)

Don’t Let Washington Turn the Internet into a Traffic Jam

Here in California, we regularly use the ballot initiative process to govern ourselves. Often, when a well-funded special interest is trying to ram through a change to the state’s laws, the opposition screams that the measure is a “solution without a problem.” The FCC’s potential actions in regards to Title II and the Internet fall in the same category. No one is crying out to be freed from the shackles of anything, anywhere, anytime broadband service.

Google to close Russia engineering office ahead of restrictive internet law