Black Twitter

Sonnie Johnson: Black Twitter vs Hotep Twitter

When speaking on the subject of abortion, I’ve often stated, “You say we come from the bloodlines of Kings and Queens. Kings and Queens don’t kill their unborn children. They fight for a legacy to leave to their unborn children.” I made the reference due to some of the chatter I’d seen on social media. I didn’t know I had pulled from the #blacktwitter and #hoteptwitter feud.


Black Twitter Turns Shaun King a Whiter Shade of Pale

Shaun King’s dramatic, inevitable fall from grace has continued beyond a weekend that saw him in open warfare on social media with his fellow leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement. Unfortunately for King, things are getting worse for him. Black Twitter has turned against him.


#FeelTheBern: ‘Black Twitter’ Skewers Bernie Sanders

“Black Twitter” took 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to task this weekend after he chose to ignore chants from “Black Lives Matter” protesters at the Netroots Nation left-wing bloggers’ conference in Phoenix.

Feel the Bern Bernie Sanders (Charlie Leight / Getty)