Bloomberg Poll: Trump Up 2 Points in Florida

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s focus on Florida appears to be paying dividends. According to a Bloomberg poll released early Wednesday, Trump has taken a two-point lead in the Sunshine State with less than two weeks until Election Day. The


Sahil Kapur: Democrats Worried Donald Trump Could Win with White Working Class Voters

WASHINGTON—Democrats are worried about Donald Trump’s possible path to victory by mobilizing working-class voters on the issue of trade, according to Bloomberg writer Sahil Kapur. Though the GOP frontrunner’s path to ultimate victory would still be “extremely difficult,” Kapur said, “people should not completely write him off on this, and a lot of Democrats are increasingly taking him seriously.”


Ohio: Hillary Clinton Loses to All Republicans

A new Quinnipiac poll of Ohio shows Hillary Clinton trailing every potential Republican rival in November. She loses badly to home state Governor John Kasich, but now trails even Donald Trump in the critical must-win general election state.


Mike Bloomberg Would Lose In Landside Against Trump, Sanders

The talk is that if socialist Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump win their respective nominations, billionaire Michael Bloomberg would feel the need to save America and jump into the presidential campaign as a third-party Independent.  According to a Wall

Bloomberg with Toy Guns AP

Carville: Rubio Is the GOP’s ‘Only Hope’

Thursday on Bloomberg TV’s “With All Due Respect,” Democratic strategist and former Clinton adviser James Carville offered his thoughts on the Republican side of the 2016 presidential ticket and declared the Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) would be that’s party’s best


Putin Signs Decree to Hide Russian Military Deaths in ‘Special Operations’

An article by Bloomberg’s Josh Rogin has triggered wide disparagement from Moscow, where officials implied all involved in the publication of a piece reporting that Russia was using mobile crematoriums to erase the presence of soldiers in east Ukraine needed mental help. A day later, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that makes all Russian soldiers’s deaths a state secret, even in a time of peace.