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Calais migrant violence

Truckers Under Attack as Migrants Return to Calais

British truck drivers have asked for more protection around Calais after the first serious attacks by migrants since the notorious ‘Jungle’ camp was torn down six months ago.


Migrant who Kayaked to UK Accused of Raping Aid Worker

Immigration officers will question a migrant who paddled to Britain in a kayak over claims he raped a British aid worker in the Calais “Jungle” camp. The attack, which is said to be common knowledge among aid workers, reportedly took


Calais Migrant Killed by British Driver After Blocking Road

(REUTERS) – A migrant from Eritrea died on Sunday after being hit by a car on the A16 road near the French port city of Calais, where thousands of people from the Middle East and Africa are camped trying to reach Britain, police said.

Calais Migrants Road

Calais: One Dead, Several Injured in Migrant Brawl

A migrant was killed and several injured in clashes between Afghan and Sudanese migrants near the Calais “jungle” camp last night. The brawl took place between the migrant campsite and the A16 where every night migrants attempt to break into cars


Migrant Murdered In Calais Jungle Gang Fight

An African migrant planning to enter Britain illegally was killed in a gang fight that broke out between 200 Africans and Afghans in the Calais Jungle migrant camp, adding to the toll of violence and destruction at the besieged French seaside town.