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Teacher Tenure Stands in California, Thanks to CA Supreme Court

Teachers’ unions in California scored a major victory on Monday after the California Supreme Court declined to hear a lawsuit that sought to invalidate public school tenure policies on the grounds that the system hurts minority children.

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Last Boeing C-17 Leaves Long Beach Plant Killed by Union

As former employees and retirees reminisced about how a union strike killed their jobs, the last C-17 military transport plane left Boeing’s Long Beach assembly plant, which had employed 35,000 workers a decade ago.

C-17 sunset (DVIDSHUB / Flickr / Cropped / CC)

Union Activist Urges: ‘Punch and Kick’ Donald Trump Photo at GOP Debate

Exclusive video from Brietbart News outside the GOP debate Wednesday shows a candid moment as union official Alejandra Valles, Secretary-Treasurer of the SEIU chapter United Service Workers West, directed a group of young protesters to “punch and kick” a photo of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Union official punches Donald Trump (Lee Stranahan / YouTube)

Cal Unions Fear Court Will Dump Mandatory Dues in CA

Facing a coming Supreme Court decision that may permanently end all compulsory union dues collections in California, Sacramento Democrats are trying to slip in new rules that will require an ‘orientation’ on taxpayer-funded time for unions to confront employees about the wisdom of continuing to pay dues.

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