Hack Impacts 23K in Texas School District

The personal information of thousands may have been compromised by a security breach in San Antonio’s largest school district, only it happened in August and the affected students and staffers are first learning about it now.

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EU, Internet Giants Join Forces To Fight Online Extremism

The European Union launched a forum bringing together Internet firms like Google, Facebook and Twitter as well as law enforcement agencies to combat online extremism. The move comes amid growing alarm in Europe over the use of social media as

Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital (King of Hearts / Wikimedia Commons)

UCLA Health Data Unencrypted–and No Policy to Report Lost Laptops

It is not surprising that hackers broke into the UCLA’s health system to try to gain access to some of the 4.5 million patients’ records, given the sheer scale of personal health data that has been compromised. But what is shocking is that those records were never protected with a basic encryption, and lost laptops were not required to be reported. Although UCLA said there was no evidence at this time that any patient files were taken, the investigation is ongoing.

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Free Public WiFi Poses Security Risk

Researchers are discovering that free WiFi networks are so easy to breach that anyone using one is leaving their computer and other electronic devices open to hacking.