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Peter Thiel Doubling Down with Big Trump Speech

With Peter Thiel already infuriating Silicon Valley’s crony capitalist liberals by donating $1.25 million to Republican Donald Trump’s campaign, he is preparing to double-down by giving a Halloween keynote speech likening Trump to a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

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Apple Scapegoats Trump as Consumers, Investors Grumble

With Apple management failing to deliver any disruptive new products since Steve Jobs left almost 5 years ago, CEO Tim Cook is trying to play politics, shifting blame for Apple’s collapsing business model to some moral deficiency in Republican Donald Trump.

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Bernie Sanders To Skip Pro-Israel AIPAC Conference

Bernie Sanders confirmed Friday afternoon that he will not attend a major pro-Israel conference in Washington next week. Sanders, the first Jewish politician to ever win a presidential primary, is the only remaining 2016 contender who will not speak at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a major gathering for politicians and Jewish leaders every year.

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Jeb Bush Gets Trumped; Now Claims To Back English and American Culture

Jeb Bush is trying to turn on a ten-centavos coin. Well, let’s say he’s turning on a dime. Last week, he was doing what he’s been doing for many years — praising imported diversity, lauding migrants’ Latino culture and happily chatting to voters in Spanish. But on Monday, he suddenly announced that he likes Americans’ evolved common culture and wants a common language, presumably English.

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