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drug crime

Chinese Police Spray-Paint Accusations on Homes Suspected of Drug Trafficking

Police in the Chinese town of Aojiang have been criticized for a novel anti-drug campaign in which officers spray-paint accusations on the homes of suspected traffickers. Officers literally brand suspects by using a stencil and paint to write “Drug-Dealing Family” on their homes.

'Eradicate the tumours': Chinese civilians drive Xinjiang crackdown

Largest White Supremacist Gang Crackdown in Nation Puts 89 in Prison

A crackdown on white supremacist gang members in North Texas landed 89 in federal prison. Officials in the area say this is the largest prosecution in the nation’s history of violent criminals with lengthy records connected with white supremacist gangs.

AP A CA USA White Supremacist Gang

Canada’s Left Wants Racial Crime Statistics To Push #BlackLivesMatter Narrative

Canada’s most widely read newspaper, The Toronto Star, is lamenting the lack of racial crime statistics aggregated by various levels of government. Over two decades ago, the newspaper was instrumental in facilitating outrage from the left over a revelation that police in Toronto were collecting statistics about race and crime.

Demonstrators Protest The G20 Summit

UK Police Force: Go Ahead And Grow Cannabis

Cannabis users in Durham, northern England, will be free to grow it for their own consumption after the local police force said they will no longer actively target people who take the drug. The Times reports that Ron Hogg, police


NOW HIRING: Saudi Arabia Seeking Executioners as Beheading Rates Soar

On Monday, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Civil Service listed on its website eight new job openings for the position of executioner. The job responsibilities will likely include beheadings and amputations–two of the most prominent punishments for violations, including drug smuggling, arms dealing, murder, and rape.