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Be Afraid: Obama Enters Greek Financial Crisis

The Greek financial crisis just got worse. As if the mountain of debt, default and ruination of the EU’s collective economy wasn’t bad enough, now US President Barack Obama has started cold calling European leaders to offer them words of economic counsel.

REUTERS/Larry Downing

French Socialist Blocks UK’s Hopes For Meaningful EU Renegotiation

The French Minister of State for European Affairs yesterday ruled out his country’s support for any British renegotiation of European Union treaties ahead of the promised referendum on membership. He insisted that the basic principles of the EU, specifically referencing

The Union Flag flies next to the European Flag outside the European Commission building in central London

‘Grexit’ Brinkmanship is Classic Greek Tragedy

The populists are screening a modern Greek Tragedy wherein the noble Greek people are forced to suffer deprivations in return for the villainous German-controlled creditors pretend to loan Greece money that mostly repay existing EU loans used to buy German imports. But with Greece on the brink of running out of cash, and Greece’s creditors running out of patience, a compromise may be coming together to avoid an overt ‘Grexit’ by allowing for a devalued “Greek euro.”