European Beaches Could be Next ISIS Terror Targets

After the arrest of an Islamic State fighter in Mallorca, authorities worry the group may target European beaches and bathers over the summer in new terror attacks. According to the Madrid Ministry of the Interior authorities on the island of Mallorca

European Beaches

IQ Tests Proposed For Migrants to Help Facilitate Integration

The regional government of Saarland in Germany has proposed to test migrants’ IQ to aid in their integration. The Saar-Interior Minister Klaus Bouillon of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), has put forth a controversial idea to help integrate


Asylum Seeker Threatens to Kill Two Court Officials

An Algerian asylum seeker threatened to kill two district attorneys in an Austrian court after claiming police had taken away his money. The Algerian national who lives at the refugee camp at the site of the Schwarzenberg barracks, was arrested


Teachers Association Demands Islamic Studies

A teachers association in Bavaria has said it wants to see Islamic studies lessons being made mandatory in all schools in the region. In 2009 the Ministry of Culture in Bavaria introduced a pilot program for the teaching of what they call

BERLIN - OCTOBER 03: Muslim men study the Koran at the Sehitlik Mosque on open house day at German mosques October 3, 2007 in Berlin, Germany. The day coincides with German unity day (Tag der deutschen Einheit). The Sehitlik Mosque is Berlin's largest and serves a mostly Turkish-speaking congregation.

Syrian Migrant War Criminal Arrested

German police have arrested Syrian migrant in Germany who they say participated in crimes during the Syrian civil war. German Federal prosecutors have alleged that a Syrian migrant they identified as Ibrahim Al F. was commander of a rebel militia in

Germany And France

Brussels Terrorist Worked in European Parliament

One of the Brussels terrorists worked briefly as a cleaner at the European Union parliament and had full access to every office, it has been revealed. Authorities at the European Parliament announced on Wednesday that one of the terrorists responsible for


Greece Postpones Deportations From Large Migrant Camps

The landmark EU-Turkey migrant summit deal may already be failing as Greece decides to postpone deportations in large migrant camps. There were no deportations of migrants from the Greek island of Lesbos on Tuesday because, according to the Greeks, there


Violence On the Rise in Greek Migrant Camps

Across migrant camps in Greece incidents of violence, from assaults to stabbings, are escalating in number as inter-ethnic conflicts erupt. Disputes between different nationalities in Piraeus, Idomeni and the island of Chios have led to a wave of violent attacks

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