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Tennessee School District Bans Flags on Trucks—Even the American Flag

The Dickson County School District has decided to ban all flags from pickup trucks on school property. Initial reports had incorrectly stated that the officials had banned all flags at the school, but the district corrected that impression with an email to FOX13.

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UC Irvine Flag Meeting Canceled Due to Threats

Threats of violence directed at students forced UC Irvine administrators to cancel a Tuesday night student meeting meant to discuss the transient decision to remove the American flag from the lobby of the student government’s building.


UCI Paper: U.S. Flag Tied to ‘Histories of Exclusion and Violence’

The official newspaper of the University of California Irvine (UCI), New University, has confirmed reporting by Breitbart News last weekend that a vote by the Associated Students (ASUCI) to remove the American flag from the lobby of their building was to avoid

UC Irvine (Chris Nugent / UC Irvine)

‘Veto’ Says UCI Student Government to American Flag Ban

Executive Cabinet members of the Associated Students of University of California Irvine (UCI) voted Saturday to overturn a resolution banning the hanging of the American flag, echoing the words of an earlier statement from the university that called the ban “misguided.”