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Australian PM Faces Fallout Over Minister’s ‘Xenophobic’ Migrant Claim

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in the midst of a tight election campaign, came under fire on Thursday for backing his immigration minister over claims resettling “illiterate and innumerate” migrants would strain the social safety network. Opposition


Eleven Migrants Drown Off Greek island: Maritime Police

At least 11 migrants, including five children, drowned and about 10 were missing after their boat sank overnight off the Greek island of Farmakonisi, Greek maritime police said Wednesday. Twenty-six people were saved and a search was under way in

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‘Uncountable Millions’ Of Migrants Heading To Europe Warns Hungary PM

BUDAPEST, Hungary (Sept. 6) – The human flood tide surging into Europe from its southern Mediterranean shores is only beginning. Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban has warned that ‘uncountable millions’ of migrants from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa are on the way


Migrants Overwhelm Police At Macedonian Border, Flood North

Thousands of migrants have stormed across Macedonia’s southern border with Greece just days after the Macedonian government closed the border and declared a state of emergency. Police lobbed stun grenades and hit some of the infiltrators with batons, but were

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Woman Allegedly Attempted Suicide in Texas Immigration Detention Facility

A 19-year-old immigrant at a family detention facility is reported to have attempted to commit suicide after being told she was being denied parole and asylum. She was staying in the Karnes City, Texas, facility which was opened last year after a flood of unaccompanied minors and families crossed the border illegally. Another facility in Dilley, Texas, also had to be opened.