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food and drug administration

FDA Launches Crackdown Against Online Opioid Sales

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced new measures to counter the growing opioid epidemic on Tuesday, including enforcement actions against dozens of websites that sell addictive painkillers. 

The Associated Press

Planned Parenthood Miffed Pro-Life Groups Eligible for Title X Funds

Planned Parenthood Federation of America is not happy that President Donald Trump’s proposed rule to cut off Title X federal family planning funds from abortion providers makes the money available to organizations that fight for the rights of unborn children and faith-based groups.

Pro-life Demonstration

Can a Single Drop of Blood Foretell Your Future—and Maybe Save Your Life?

It’s always a challenge to notice something that isn’t there, but should be there—the absence of a presence, one might say. And so, as we read the article in the April 28 Washington Post, “There’s a New Sheriff in town in Silicon Valley—the FDA,” we can hunt for what, or who, is missing.

Bene Israel

Rep. Paul Gosar: The Government Wants to Join You in Bed — the Tanning Bed

We’ve been watching for some time how one federal agency or another wants to take away your freedom of choice. Usually your freedom is taken from you under the guise of “public safety,” but in reality most of the time it is simply someone who wants to stick their nose in your business because they don’t like what you may like.


The Right to Try: How the FDA Is Killing Americans

This week, Darcy Olsen, president of the Goldwater Institute, released a vital and fascinating new book, The Right to Try: How the Federal Government Prevents Americans from Getting the Lifesaving Treatments They Need. It’s a must-read rebuttal of the left’s number one argument for big government: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects us from evil capitalists who would alternatively poison us or toss us into meat grinders for the viewing pleasure of Sinclair Lewis.


Majority of Theranos Board Gone After FDA Report

Biotech sensation Theranos was supposed to be Silicon Valley’s next hot IPO. But late Thursday evening, the company told Fortune Magazine that its board of directors had shrunk from 12 members to five as it battles a perfect storm of negative publicity.

Clinton Theranos (JP Yim / Getty)

A Summer Without Blue Bell Leaves Company ‘Heartbroken’

Company CEO Paul Kruse released a statement on Thursday saying that it would be “several months at a minimum” before Blue Bell is back in stores. Earlier, the company estimated it would be only a few weeks before their products returned.

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