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Biden: Trump’s Border Policies Make Me ‘Feel Ashamed’

Last Week on the podcast “Anger Management with Nick Clegg,” former Vice President Joe Biden said President Donald  Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that led to some children allegedly being separated from their parents made him “feel ashamed. When asked how he

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Biden: Trump ‘Dysfunction,’ ‘Crassness’ Is ‘Dangerous Internationally’

Thursday on PBS’s “NewsHour,” former Vice President Joe Biden said the “dysfunction” and “crassness” of President Donald Trump’s “unpresidential” nature was “dangerous internationally.” Biden said, “David Brooks writes about this invisible moral fabric that holds up society and requires decent


Biden: Trump’s Tweeting Is ‘Childish’

Wednesday at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, former Vice President Joe Biden called President Donald Trump’s tweeting  “childish.” Biden said, “We’ve got to stop this tweeting. We’ve got to stop this sort of — you know, it is so —

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Biden: Trump ‘Emboldened White Supremacists’

Saturday night during a speech at the Charleston, SC branch of the NAACP, former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump for his reaction to the violence last month in Charlottesville, VA. Biden said, “We have a president who