Girls Season 4

Ratings Crash: Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ Hits All-Time Low

Lena Dunham’s serial self-inflicted credibility wounds appear to have gravely eroded even the small but fervently loyal following the “Girls” star and creator has enjoyed for the last few years. This past Sunday, the ratings for Dunham’s HBO show “Girls”


Girls Season 4, ‘Female Author’ Review: Is Lena Dunham a Secret Men’s Rights Propagandist?

This week’s Girls is more evidence for my conspiracy theory that it’s actually written by The Manosphere–that group of bloggers united against feminism and preaching the saving power of masculinity. Not once but twice in “Female Author” do we see male characters calling out the women leads for being foolish or fake, and instead of defying their patriarchal judgment, the girls respond in submission and reward the men for showing some backbone.


Girls Season 4, ‘Triggering’ Review: Lena Dunham Delivers 2015’s First Bush Joke

The centerpiece of “Triggering” has a room full of Hannah Horvath’s peers reciting various real-world critiques of Lena Dunham, sounding pretentious and shallow as they put her writing through the wringer. And yet, to her credit, Dunham balances it with even more self-effacing–depicting herself as thin-skinned, deceptive, selfish, and out of her depth.


Girls, Season 4 Premiere: ‘Iowa’ Review

HBO’s Girls continues to walk a dichotomous tightrope: its sympathy for bubble-dwelling white Millennial princesses and its simultaneous recognition of the people who find their entitlement repulsive.