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University of La Verne: Student Charged with Hate Crime Hoax Shows Power of Racism in America

Officials at the University of La Verne in California have finally reacted to a fake hate crime controversy that occurred in February. After initially claiming that she had been assaulted by a masked man in a stairwell on campus, student Dominguez Peña is now facing criminal charges for allegedly faking a hate crime. Professor Judy Holiday claims that racism in America resulted in the woman feeling “compelled to do something illegal and immoral to bring attention to the problem.”

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Police: University of La Verne Student Hoaxed Racist Threats

A former student of the University of La Verne was arrested for allegedly sending ten racist threats against herself, as well as the student group with which she had a leadership role. The 25-year-old former student also claimed that she had “found a smoking backpack” in her car before being “assaulted by a masked man” on campus.

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Daniel Flynn: From Harvey Milk and Matthew Shepard to Jussie Smollett — How True Crimes with Fake Motives Inspired Fake Hate Crimes

Part of falling for fake hate crimes, albeit temporarily, stems from falling for other fake hate crimes permanently. Several stories of martyrdom at the hands of bigots woven into our national fabric appear upon further inspection to be, well, fabricated. Unlike the Smollett case, these events involved real, horrific violence. But in the aftermath, ideologues used the tragedies for political purposes. This success in alchemizing propaganda into history inspired Jussie Smollett to increase his stature from wealthy primetime actor to victim.


10 Wild Hoax Crimes of 2018

2018 saw its fair share of hoax crimes. Fortunately, for those who were targeted, the truth is likely to come out. Take a look at some of the wild claims in 2018 that were later discovered to be hoaxes.

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U. Colorado Profs: ‘Illegal Immigrants Under Siege’

Almost 200 University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) staff and faculty members are demanding the university implement ‘sanctuary campus’ policies, claiming illegal immigrants “feel under siege and live in fear of deportation.”


15 Hate Hoaxes You Can Dispel This Thanksgiving

Since President-Elect Donald Trump was elected over Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media have used alleged hate crime reports to drum up hysteria over issues like Islamophobia, homophobia, immigration, and race relations.

A notorious hate crime hoax by two lesbians (WaPo)