Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


Clinton Scandal Update

Hillary Clinton’s use of an email server in the basement of her home while she was secretary of state will leave a permanent stain on our system of justice and on the public’s trust in government.


Tom Fitton: A Cat and Mouse Game with State over Clinton-Deleted Emails

This week, the State Department released documents containing several emails that were deleted from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email system and recovered by the FBI. They were dated October 2012, near the end of her tenure, and contain

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Released Hillary Clinton Email: ‘I Still Don’t Feel Great’

On May 4, 2009, Hillary Clinton wrote to her top aide Huma Abedin, “I still don’t feel great,” and Clinton requested an Air Force plane instead of taking a shuttle from Westchester, New York, to get to Washington, D.C., according to an email released Monday by Judicial Watch.

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Judicial Watch Goes to Court for Hillary Clinton’s Testimony

Hillary Clinton sent three lawyers to federal court this past Monday in an effort to convince a judge that she should not have to provide testimony under oath to Judicial Watch about why she set up and used a email account to conduct official business as secretary of state.

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Hillary Clinton Email Testimony Update

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan heard arguments on Monday, July 18, 2016, in our request to take testimony from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Peter Schweizer: Hillary Clinton Has More Emails Mentioning Yoga Than Russian Nuke Deal

Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer, the author of the bestselling book Clinton Cash joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss detailed analysis revealing significant gaps in Hillary Clinton’s emails. Said Schweizer, “What’s important in the email story is not the emails that have been released – the emails that are there – it’s the emails that are not there that should be there,” said Schweizer.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a rally at Louisville Slugger Field's Hall of Fame Pavilion in Louisville, Ky., Tuesday, May 10, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Judicial Watch Uncovers Smoking Gun Clinton Emails

Last week, we learned more about the problems former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff faced in keeping her private email system running. They were, in fact, wrestling with matters of national security.


Sanders: Clinton Email Story Has Moved

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated that the story on rival Democratic candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails has moved on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time.” Sanders was asked by host Bill Maher, who is

Marcel Lazar Lehel, 40, is escorted by masked policemen in Bucharest, after being arrested in Arad, 550 km (337 miles) west of Bucharest January 22, 2014. REUTERS/MEDIAFAX/SILVIU MATEI

Hacker Guccifer: Clinton’s Server Unprotected, ‘Like an Open Orchid’

During an interview with NBC News Senior Investigative Correspondent Cynthia McFadden for “Dateline on Assignment” broadcast on Wednesday’s “MSNBC Live,” Marcel Lazăr Lehel, the hacker known as “Guccifer,” stated that he had access to Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of

FBI director James Comey, pictured on March 1, 2016, said his agency found an outside party that appeared to have the ability to extract data from the iPhone without Apple's help

Will Democrat Intimidations of FBI Director Comey Kill the Hillary Investigation?

Leading Democrats are publicly mocking the FBI, the investigation, and Director Comey. Whether it’s denial, wishful thinking, or an attempt to intimidate him, Democratic leaders have dismissed, ridiculed, and deflected from Comey’s and the FBI’s efforts to do their job proficiently—something foreign to the Obama Administration.


Sidney Blumenthal Dodges on Whether He’s Been Interviewed By FBI

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” former Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal dodged repeated questions on whether he had been interviewed by the FBI over Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email conduct. Blumenthal answered a question on


MSNBC Guest: Hillary’s Email Server Is Just ‘Political Controversy’

While speaking on MSNBC Saturday, Terror Asymmetrics Project’s Malcolm Nance called Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email scandal “just political controversy.” According to Nance, there are no concerns about Clinton’s scandal in the intelligence community. “The email controversy is nothing to