Hillary Clinton Emails


Russian Request to Send Election Monitors to Texas Denied

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – The Consulate General of the Russian Federation has asked a number of southern states, including Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, if they could monitor Election Day activities at various sites.


WikiLeaks Reveals Bill Clinton Aide ‘Shutting … Down’ Innocuous Interview

In a WikiLeaks email drop, former President Bill Clinton’s aide nixes a seemingly innocuous radio interview in 2015 by saying she is “shutting it down” with the blessing of Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. The email is another example of the nervous attitude the Hillary Clinton campaign staff appeared to have had towards Bill Clinton.

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Former President of Haitian Senate Rips Clinton Foundation: As My People Died, Hillary Clinton Gave Access to Her Wealthy Donors

The former president of the Haitian Senate excoriated Hillary Clinton and her embattled family foundation following the release of emails that reveal how senior Clinton Foundation staffers coordinated with top Hillary Clinton State Department officials to give special access to “FOB” (Friends of Bill Clinton) in the wake of the deadly 2010 earthquake in Haiti.


Hillary Clinton’s Head Trauma Only Allowed Her to Work ‘A Few Hours a Day’

Though Hillary Clinton and her supporters have mocked those who have questioned whether her health problems would interfere with the demanding duties assigned to the presidency, Clinton herself said her head trauma caused her to limit her work as secretary of state to only “a few hours a day,” and to not recall briefings related to the secure handling of government records, FBI documents reveal.


Donald Trump: I’ll Prosecute Hillary Clinton as President

During an appearance with Fox News’s Sean Hannity in Las Vegas Monday night, Donald Trump said that his administration would prosecute Hillary Clinton. Video and transcript below: — —  Hannity: We were talking during the break about Hillary Clinton. If

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State Department Can Still Keep Two Hillary Clinton Emails

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has finally seized Hillary Clinton’s emails, including her “Top Secret” correspondences from her tenure as Secretary of State. But hold on: The State Department still has the authority to withhold two of Hillary Clinton’s

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Hillary Clinton May Go to Prison

Hillary Clinton is going to prison–or would be, if she were an ordinary person. The FBI has reportedly taken possession of the emails on her home computer server, according to U.S. officials cited by the Associated Press.