Guardian Column: Jewish ‘Collective Memory’ Deformed Israeli Society

TEL AVIV – The Guardian published an article attacking Israel and Judaism’s “collective memory,” claiming that the Jewish state “offers a florid illustration of how disastrously collective memory can deform a society.” The article, authored by David Rieff, poses the question: What if collective historical memory leads to war rather than peace?


Discovery Channel and Medical Journal Maps Erase Israel

TEL AVIV – In yet another instance of Israel being wiped from the map, a documentary on the Discovery Channel features a graphic of the Middle East in which Jordan has expanded its borders to encompass the entire area of

NPR map erases Israel

NPR Erases Israel From The Map

National Public Radio (NPR) published a map that erases the existence of Israel and replaces it with “Palestine,” a watchdog group reported. The map, which has since been removed by NPR, accompanied a feature on health titled, “What Are You Afraid Of In 2016? Globetrotters Share Their Fears.”

NPR map erases Israel