VIDEO: ‘Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, These Racist Statues Have to Go!’

HOUSTON, Texas — Communists, Democratic Socialists, Brown Berets, anarchists, Black Lives Matter, and other supporters of the “Destroy the Confederacy!” movement marched in the sweltering 99-degree heat in Houston on Saturday to demand that city officials tear down the “Spirit

Police Tape

Tensions High in Houston After Police Forced to Shoot Armed Black Man Waving Gun

HOUSTON, Texas — #PrayforHouston was trending on Twitter on Saturday after Houston police officers had to shoot an armed black man who pointed a gun at them. Alva Braziel died at the scene in Houston around 12:30 Saturday morning after officers fired what was reported as numerous shots at the man.

Baby Moses Law

Boys in CPS Custody After Abandoned at Fire Station; Baby Moses Law Does Not Apply

A Texas judge has given Child Protective Services (CPS) emergency custody of two boys left at a Houston fire station on Monday night. The state’s “Baby Moses” law does not apply because of the children’s ages. Neither parent attended the court hearing to decide the children’s temporary fate.